In this project, we were tasked in creating a three series of smaller products that come together to create an identity for a larger line of related products. The concept is that a new company has just developed a series of products to specifically meet the needs of a particular user group. My job was to come up with a broad campaign to introduce, market and package the new products. 

My concept for this project was to do gaming accessories for female gamers because there is not a lot of gaming products that push for a female audience. I wanted my brand to have an otherworldly identity, so I chose the name FairieTech because it represents the power that comes with gaming technology and the female strength that fairies have. The green comes from a well known fairy that is TinkerBell. Utilizing the colors of green and the clean designs, I created FairieTech. 

(no copyright intended, the images used and that were manipulated were from SteelSeries and Logitech products.)